We all have in mind the stamp of the Ibizan hound, a tall and thin dog, with long legs, a stubborn, active, intelligent, independent greyhound, with a fine line, affectionate and playful ... a great rabbit hunter. In Ibiza or Formentera or that, or partridges (and partridges few) It is believed that it was introduced by the Phoenicians some 2,000 years ago, at the same time as the dog of the pharaohs of the island of Malta. And for the non-expert eye, they are the same as their color. As the Mallorquines were the first to raise them in a controlled manner in some European countries is known as "dog of the Balearic Islands", was a dog that was banned in some countries because it is not a dog that barks or makes noise, it is a dog very silent that was very precious for poachers many years ago.

What they like the most is the tail, when it is hunting, it looks like a sickle and one would say that it serves them almost as a rudder to be handled in the air. Their foreshortenings and twists are worth seeing, they were used to hunt in packs and they are very faithful and playful dogs with children.
A dog that can easily jump 2 meters high without having to run, watches that the fence of your house is high enough if you are one of those who like that the animals are loose It is a dog that adapts easily to any environment, since years ago you can see them walking around with their owners on the streets of any city, it will help you to stay in shape because it is an animal that needs to be active, that needs to exercise .
It is said that it is the most recognized and exported Spanish dog breed worldwide and it is not until relatively recently that the Ibicencos as a people, we are giving this breed, ours, the importance it has. Something we can brag about and be proud of, to have one of the oldest breeds of dogs that are known, that maybe, and just maybe, were already present in the times of the ancient pharaohs in Egypt.
A clean dog in all aspects, does not loose too much hair and you do not have to give them much to eat (which they do not hunt afterwards), with short and hard hair and long ears. They are usually white and brown, and very much coveted those that are born whites. A dog that if you ask us we will tell you that yes, that it is a good dog for the family, but that it is not a guard dog, with the stranger it is more like a cat (that does not pay attention to him, let's go). A dog that must be accompanied, is a pack dog and the genetics in these animals weighs, is someone who like the Ibicenco likes to be accompanied. So if you have another dog at home, the Ibizan hound will thank you.